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October 10, 2019

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to be share with you some
productivity tips on how I do it all as a working mom. To give you some context, if you’re new to
my channel I have two little girls age three years old and 10 months old. I’m married and live in New Jersey and I drive
about an hour and a half away to work every day each way so I only have a couple hours
a night and the weekends to do anything outside of work. So I still have all my cooking to do my cleaning
to do. I have projects to do within the house, I
have my own hobbies to do, I have my channel and I’ve actually been working on a new business
on the side. So as you can imagine I’m super busy and there
is not enough free time. That being said it’s not about not having
enough time. It’s about what you do with the time you have. So today I’m going to be showing a few 10
tips – my top 10 tips – on how I make it work out of necessity. I’ve taught myself how to be super productive
over time. And if you adopt even one of these tips I
swear to you it will be life changing. So let’s just jump right into it. So my number one is positive self talk. Every morning I get up and I try to be in
a good mood. I go into my daughter’s room. I wake her up and I tell her it’s going to
be a great day and I’m so happy. I have done this so many times, I’ve actually
rubbed off on myself and I realize that having that positive attitude and kind of training
myself and actually brainwashing myself that it’s going to be a great day and “I’m
so happy” has really helped me have a positive mindset into accomplishing everything I need
to get done for the day. So I would suggest that every morning you
try that. Say it’s a great day. I’m so happy. And then while you’re brushing your teeth
or doing your makeup or whatever it is you’re doing smile at yourself in the mirror! I guarantee you it will change your day. OK. Number two is prioritize. Of course everybody knows that prioritization
is really important. If you want to get things done. But what I do at the start of my day is I
sit down for five minutes – I give myself five minutes and I write down the top three
things that will make my day successful. That way I always have them at the forefront
of my mind. So the top three things that I would like
to accomplish whether it be something work related or personal or related. So I always have that kind of setting the
stage for my day. And I write that in a little journal. Along with that, I do also some positive self
reflection of where my grateful for just some self affirmations I go along with my positive
mindset and these things don’t take a lot of time just to set yourself up for the day. Number three. Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of
it is setting up routines for yourself. You probably don’t realize you already have
routines or you already have things that you do every single day whether it be just brushing
your teeth and making yourself breakfast or getting yourself dressed. You already have some semblance of a routine. But having a really robust routine is important. So I try to go to bed and get up at the same
time every single day. That way my body is trained to be super productive
and I also really formalize my routine I pay attention to what I’m doing.So if I’m brushing
my teeth every day and getting my daughter a bottle every morning, or I’m getting her
dressed every day I’m getting myself dressed – whatever those things may be in my morning
or my evening or my afternoon or whatever it may be. If you’re doing repetitive tasks every single
day then this is an opportunity to really compress the time that it takes to perform
those tasks. So to that end I follow the philosophy that
is “what I do many” – “I do once” – meaning that if I pick out clothes every
day I’m not going to pick out because every day I’m going to pick out my clothes for the
week at one shot and I’m going to hang them all at the hanger in my bathroom. I hang them all out for the week including
my underwear and my jewelry. I’m not going to go into my closet multiple
times to pick out clothes. And I may even have an emergency outfit or
gym outfit or running to the store outfit whatever it is I’m doing for that week. In my case normally it suits that I lay out
and maybe some type of yoga pants or something like that. I also pick out my children’s pajamas and
I keep them in a drawer in the bathroom where it’s very convenient. So I’m not having to leave the bathroom or
leave them alone in the bathroom and pick out their clothes. Having their pajamas picked out for the week
helps me tremendously. I also don’t cook every single night. I cook usually once or twice a week. And when I cook I batch cook so I separate
everything into little containers. I use a large pans. I’m not not cooking one pack of chicken
several times. I’m cooking two packs of chicken in a large
pan and then I’m separating out into small containers meal sized containers so that I
can keep them in the fridge greater or the freezer and just pull them out during the
week. So I’m not going to have to cook multiple
times during the week. So you get the idea and you can see that if
you look at every aspect of your routine and every single thing that you do every day where
you can find opportunities to do that task once instead of doing it many times throughout
the week. My number four – is to simplify the spaces
that you use daily. So obviously I brush my teeth every day. That’s not something that I can really plan
for in advance. But I can’t simplify the area where I’m picking
out a toothbrush and my to face. I put it in the same place every day and that’s
the only thing that’s in that spot or where I put my keys in the morning or I put my shoes. But just making sure that those areas are
clean and I’m not digging for things especially my makeup. I have tons and tons of makeup but for in
the morning I have just a regular look and I’ll separate that makeup out so I don’t have
to be rummaging through my drawers. And that makes my morning go so much smoother. And over the last year I found that for most
items in my house if I create a home within a home. So if I have a door and a drawer separators
in there and or in my pantry I use organization bins with labels – I find that I am able to
find things much easier. I don’t over shop and I just save me a lot
of time it makes me a lot more efficient. Number five is I automate as many tasks as
I can. So I am home a lot when I’m not working. I don’t go out to the store often. I try to shop make groceries online. I know a lot of people don’t like to shop
their groceries online because they feel that it’s more expensive. But in my case it’s actually not. I shop at Shop Rite in our area. If you live in New Jersey and you have a Shop
Rite you can actually order online and keep track of your past purchases. So every week I can just go through those
past purchases whether it be diapers formula or the same sorts of things that I order every
week. I can just pick those out quickly and have
them delivered to my house. There is a delivery fee on it but I’m finding
that because I can clip my coupons online and I’m not over shopping I’m not impulse
shopping that my grocery bills have actually been a lot less. And to tell you the truth in order for me
to go to the grocery store I have to pack both my kids in the car – you know they’re
not always well-behaved in the grocery store. I have to drive over there. I have to shop. I have to bring every thing home I have to
take it out. So it is kind of like a half day event and
sometimes it’s a miserable event depending on what time of day it is or what kind of
mood my children are in. So it’s just so much easier if I just order
my groceries online. I also automate as many bills as I can online
with my bank. Most places have automated bill pay. And for me that works extremely well. Of course there’s always a couple of bills
that I have to pay me annually but for the most part they’re always being paid. So I’m never behind and I take my credit very
seriously. So I subscribe to a credit monitoring service
so I always have that going in case something goes awry. Number six is I use a block system in order
to manage my time. So what the block system is is it means that
you’re not multitasking. It means that you basically schedule time
or allocate time for specific things you want to get done during your day. So I used to think that being the multi-tasker
was the way to be especially in Corporate America. But actually you get so much done if you just
focus your attention on the task at hand and get that done. Now where I do struggle with this is a lot
of things I want to learn something new especially for my channel or I have a craft or a project
to do and there just isn’t a set amount of time to do that. You know sometimes it requires research or
playing around with things. But I still allow myself a certain amount
of time. So for example last weekend I wanted to learn
Final Cut Pro. I got up a little early on my work from home
day a couple hours early. I allocated myself two hours and I just sat
quietly and I was able to really concentrate. I blocked everything else out of my mind and
I just focused on that. And I was able to learn it. There are a couple of things that I still
want to learn but I was able to do that. But when my two hours were up that was it. I went on I started my job and I did my work
and I was 100 percent focused on my work. So I find that that is the best way to get
things done and actually to block the time in your calendar. Day after day after day. So number seven if you have a large project
the best way to get that done is to break it up into manageable pieces and do it kind
of iteratively. And actually we do this at work and it’s just
something that I kind of inherently started to do at home. Because I don’t have a lot of time to do large
projects and there are so many large projects that I want to do especially ones that are
business related that it’s just impossible you’re not going to get it all done in one
day or it’s a long term goal. Maybe your goal is weight loss or something
else but basically the best way that I find to do those projects is to calendar them. Maybe you’re going to calendar them for an
entire year or four months but kind of set goals that are completed pieces not a bunch
of tasks when I’m working on a project. I make sure that I have notable accomplishments
along the way. So if I am cleaning a room for example I will
say OK I’m going to get the left side of the closet completely cleaned out and decluttered
and those items donated that would be a completed piece of work.Or if I was doing something
for my channel I would say maybe a completed piece of work wouldn’t beo be sitting there
researching something for two hours – it will be research coming up with recommendation
and a plan for myself. And that would be what I would consider a
complete piece of work. So I think if you change the way that you
think about things and maybe stop running a daily task list because a task list really
isn’t… there’s nothing about task list that makes
you feel accomplished. You know marking the things off your task
list… I guess maybe you could feel accomplished. But really seen you know pieces of work come
to life or things getting completed and progress being made. I think that’s a more productive way to think
about things. That’s how we do them at work and I kind of
always reassess where I am along the way. And then if I have to change plans it’s fine
but at least then you have one cohesive plan and it’s just not kind of like pieces that
are going on from day to day to day to day. The truth of the matter is any task is going
to take you as much time as you have. So if you don’t set the timer for yourself
then it’s never gonna get done. And I carry this into everything I do. If you look at my interval cleaning video
– I made up this interval cleaning thing but basically I allow myself time maybe 10 minutes
per room or whatever it is that I have, to do a tidy up. And it is transformative. I mean I use it all the time in my house and
if I were not doing that and timing myself then my house would be a complete disaster
all the time. So number eight – checklists a good idea and
I keep checklist for a lot of different things. I have a checklist ready for when I leave
the house with my kids. Do I have everything that I need? Do I have bottles, or do I have entertainment? Do I have an iPad? Do I have a formula? Whatever it is whenever leaving my house when
I told her. What are all the things I need to grab so
that when I know you know I’m not caught off guard? I have diapers, I have whatever it may be,
so I keep checklist readily available where I’m leaving the house. So that if I’m going to the beach I have a
checklist. You can find that one on my blog but I have
a checklist of do I have everything that I need for the beach or if I’m just running
an errand I have a checklist for that. So I keep a series of checklists so that I
can just keep myself on point especially when I’m leaving the house so that way I don’t
get caught off guard and from my whole schedule off if something happens and I’ve forgotten
something at home. Be prepared for change and so the way that
I am prepared for change in a lot of times is my car organization. I do keep a lot of things with me in the car
so that I can be versatile and fly by the seat of my pants and just change course whenever
I need to. So especially in the summertime I’ll keep
extra towels in the car or bathing suits for my children snacks whatever it may be. I do have a car organization video that I’ll
link but my car organization is very important because my free time is on the weekends and
I don’t ever want to leave the house. Of course I do have my checklist but there
are still things that I keep in my car on the regular so that I can be prepared for
change and just being prepared in general. If I want to get something done for the next
day then I’ll make sure that I take all those items out for that especially for projects
or crafts or things like that. I’ll take all the items out I’ll lay them
out the day prior so that way I’m just stop burning my free time. The next day looking for things that just
kind of ruins a time that I would have available to work on those items. So my number 10 is that I superset my tasks. I know I said that I don’t normally multitask
and that is true. But there are certain tasks where I kind of
build other things in that I want to get done. So number one is self care. I don’t normally go to the nail salon every
single week because I don’t have the time I don’t normally go for facials and massages. I would love to. I used to all the time. But I just don’t. So I build self care into my schedule. What that looks like is – On the days and
I’m just cleaning or that I’m working from home, I’ll put some treatments in my hair
or put some deep moisturizer in my face or I’ll do a face mask. But I’ll do it while I’m cleaning where I’m
working from home. Or when I land at work in the morning. I have a big jar of Vaseline Intensive Care. I put that on the bottom of my feet. I get there before everybody else does. I put that in the bottom of my feet. I just sit there with my feet up and I let
that dry. But I just kind of build it into my existing
schedule so that I can get it done and still take care of myself. Even on my commute I listen to music or I
listen to audiobooks something that I want to learn about or something fun – and that
is just time to myself that I do. So I managed to build it into something that
I’m already doing without disrupting that task. I can even do this with household chores. Instead of getting my laundry out and folding
and put it away I will loosely put it in the laundry basket and put it in the room that
belongs. So for example if my daughter Amano – her
laundry comes out I put it loosely in the basket I put it in her room and then when
it’s time for her to go to bed I’ll bring her up maybe five minutes early. While she is looking at her books or whatever
it may be, I just quickly get that laundry put away so that way I’m kind of getting things
done at the same time. I’m not doing things kind of like in a linear
fashion or a sequential fashion – I’m getting them done at the same time. And it just compresses the amount of time
by 100 percent. I swear by all these tips because my number
one goal in life is to spend time with my children. And I still love to do cleaning and organizing
I still want hobbies for myself I still want to take care of myself but at the end of the
day there is only so many hours in the day. So you really have to figure out how to make
the best use of your time that you do have. That’s it for today’s video. I’m excited to hear what you do in your life
to stay organized and productive. Please share with all of us in the comments
below. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see
you my next video.

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