10 Psychological Signs a Girl Likes you – How to tell if she’s attracted!

September 27, 2019

yeah hey its practical psychology here and
today I’m going to teach you how to tell if a girl likes you using 10
psychological signs that you might be interested the first is that she look at you
whenever she laughs every girl is interested in you she will most likely
look at you first when you’re in a group of friends and everyone starts laughing
now the psychological and biological reasoning behind his telltale sign that
she’s genuinely interested in your reaction and wants to see if you thought
it was funny too she wants to make an evaluation of you
and it’s still making subconscious judgments and what you think is funny
and how you to function together as a pair she may look at a different person each
time something is funny but if she sways towards you she’s definitely interested however be
careful watching for her reactions for she might be curious if you’re looking
at her too and things get awkward quick the second is dilated pupils so when
someone sees something they are psychologically attracted to their
pupils will physiologically increase in size of the three times to allow more
light so that they can further observed the attractive stimulus she likes you
and she wants to take all of you in and in order to do so her eyes must allow
much more light in so her pupils will dilate it may be hard to see this from
afar but if you can offer her something or ask her a question make sure to pay close attention to her
pupils before and after looking at you as other things can cause dilated pupils
beforehand such as sunlight or alcohol notice the change not just the size of
the pupils now the third is whenever you’re in a conversation with her look
and see where her feet and torso appointed if they’re pointed towards you
it’s a good sign see body language is a huge indicator of
attraction and most of the time these are unconscious signs that are hard to
duplicate consciously or to create a false positive if she feel safe around
you and open to want you her feet and torso will show it
especially in a group of more than five people if her body is open to
specifically you and she’s showing you more than two of these signs she’s definitely interested in you
number four is multiple glances in a couple minutes one glance could mean anything two
glances mean she’s curious and anymore could signify that she’s attracted to
you watch for her across the room and see if she keeps checking in on you it’s
probably because she’s attracted to you and doesn’t want to lose the opportunity
to be near you or talk to you the next one is that whenever she’s with you she
touches her lips that this was a hard one to point out as you have to notice
the change just like her pupils not just a simple gesture as some women do this
all the time they touched her lips all the time if she touches your lips when
she’s around you or she’s looking at you this is a good sign if she looks at your
lips however this is a great sign this is usually done subconsciously in a
matter of milliseconds but a quick glance at your lips surely means she’s
attracted on a deep psychological matter the next sign is actually plays with her
hair when she’s looking at you while she’s talking to you she may play with
her hair now this can be turned both ways though as some say it could be a
sign that she wants to be away from you and wants to find comfort if she’s
playing with it and her palm is pointing towards you she probably feels safe and
this is a good thing if she’s fixing it up to make it look better she’s probably
attracted to you and want your attention and this is also a good thing however if she pulls it up away from her
neck this can mean two different things she could be showing you that she feels
safe and is doing so by allowing you to see one of the most important arteries
or she could be doing it as a stress signal and her body temperature has
risen and that she wants to get away but if she’s truly attracted she’ll be back the number seven is actually talks about
you with her friends and this one is super important if she talks about you
with her friends it means she’s cognitively thinking
about you on a level that isn’t subconscious which means that she’s
aware of her attraction for you and has already started debating on whether or
not to act on it try to talk to her friends in a nonchalant manner and see
if she says anything if you do this with someone you’re not comfortable with it
may seem like you’re probing and asking questions about her and when she hears
about this from her friends she would go nuts of course they may lie and say that she
hasn’t said anything and they might also say that she has even though she hasn’t
so don’t ever rely on just one of these tips now number eight is that she
accidentally touches you now accidental touching has huge
psychological value you can tell if it’s accidental or not just using common
sense which making a job out of being next to you or were you simply walking
by you and accidentally bumped into you also if it happens more than once and
she apologized about it more than she probably should it might mean that she isn’t doing it on
purpose it doesn’t want to come off creepy see
if you can sneak in touching her hand lower back or face and some discreet
manner that doesn’t come off creepy and notice her reaction if she actually
likes you she won’t act disgusted or say anything rude about it however if she does there’s the
possibility that she might become nervous and try to leave quickly the
second-to-last sign is to notice if she gets nervous around you and you kind of
have to be around a girl more than a couple of times you start noticing her
behavior to see if she gets nervous around you remember in middle school
when you could always tell to people who liked each other just by the way they
acted that familiar awkwardness that so many of us wish to never look back on if
it was two people who had no attraction to each other the awkwardness signs
weren’t really there unless they were both just awkward people in general
which is basically describing my entire middle school experience but really if
she gets nervous around you is probably a sign of attraction and she doesn’t
want to mess up a future with you if she doesn’t care about a future with you she
probably won’t be nervous in the last tip is to see if she sticks around you
in public places now this is a pretty obvious one if
she’s attracted to you subconsciously or consciously she will want to be around
you whether that’s a baseball game a table in the lunchroom or even
constantly coming to see you where you work the more she likes you the more times you want to spend around
you and the closer she will be around you so be closed and pay attention to
all of these tips not just one or two when you’re trying to figure out if
someone like you and I like to end this video saying that remember that
execution is everything you can lay in bed at night wondering if they like you
back for hours but unless you actually go out and do something you’ll never get
to where you want to be i hope you enjoyed this video and if you did click
the like button if you have any thoughts or want to discuss other tips leave a
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