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07 things you should not do when you WAKE UP – Personality Development Video by Skillopedia

October 10, 2019

Good Morning, wow! That’s hot, what’s in
the newspaper for the day? Wow, oh what, what happened? Oh my Gosh! When I wake up first
I read the newspaper and I drink some hot water just as you saw. What about you? What
do you do first when you wake up? Do you go gargling your throat? Or some of you may read
the newspaper or read a book just like me. And some of you might even dance in your underpants.
No offence whatever you do in the morning, it’s absolutely fine but there are certain
things that you might be doing in the morning that may be making your day unproductive.
So those are the habits that we need to cut down on and in this session with me Michelle,
today you are learning 7 things that you should not be doing when you wake up first in the
morning. So stay tuned at Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Uhh… this alarm again it’s 5.10, I need
to reach by 7, I think I can snooze it for 10 minutes. Hi guys, do you snooze your alarm
in the morning like I just did? Well I think that’s a very bad habit. It’s really gonna
help. If you can’t face the world right now, do you think you can face the world 10 minutes
later? Umm… and it won’t help you get too much sleep anyways. So the best idea would
be early to bed and early to rise. If you decide the number of hours that you want to
sleep, then sleep on time and calculate the number of hours that you’ll be able to sleep
if you wake up at the time decided by you. Guess what according to most sleep specialists,
it’s not a good idea to snooze coz that might lead you into a deeper sleep and what if you
just wake up at all and you miss that really important interview? So my dear, please don’t
snooze the alarm, coz that’s not gonna help you. So this is one thing that you should
not be doing in the morning and I hope that now, you will not snooze your alarm when you
wake up coz it’s not gonna help you. So don’t snooze your alarm. So nice being in bed early morning. I think
I have slept enough but I don’t feel like getting out of bed so soon. Hi again, this
is a very bad habit. When you slouch in the bed early morning, you’re up, you’re not
sleepy anymore but you don’t get up, you don’t get out of bed, you are still there and you
are not ready to rise, even when you are doing nothing. Congratulations that you didn’t hit
the snooze button, awesome. I’m glad that you woke up but what’s the point of waking
up if you are still slouching in the bed doing nothing? So you can use this time to actually
do many productive things. If you get your day started right now, there’s a high possibility
that you will not procrastinate and you’ll not be late for your assignments. So don’t
slouch in the bed and don’t like awake, woken up doing nothing. So wake up and do all the
activities that you are required to do. The best thing would be to start stretching up.
Start moving around and start stretching because according to most specialists when you wake
up and you are stretching up your body, you are more prepared for the day because you
are physically active and your metabolism increases and when your metabolism increases,
your blood flow is better which means that you can think clearly, you can think properly.
So get up, don’t slouch and be active. Okay, let me see my messages. Oh last night
I applied for this position, I hope I’ve got a response, I’ll see my email too. Uhh,
never check your email early in the morning coz if you start your day like that, you’ll
never recover. The worst thing that you can do in the morning is to see all the text messages
and the emails that you’ve received. Of course there are so many reminders that you need
and there are a lot of problems that you need to solve and also there are surprises awaiting
you out there on your phone. However, if you do that early in the morning, you are using
your reserved energy that you gained during the night to do unproductive things. I’m
sure there is no message or no email that cannot wait a minimum of at least half an
hour. It’s better to freshen up and move your body around rather than going through your
emails and you text messages. If you do that, you are really losing your very productive
time. You won’t get time to drink some water and to read the newspaper later and freshen
up. So use your morning to do more productive things and do not start it by reading through
your emails or your text messages. Is that coffee? No for me, that’s a glass
of water. What do you down in the morning? A glass of water or a cup of coffee? Well
if you think that you can’t go through your day without a cup of coffee, then you I think
you are actually thinking something wrong. According to science your body produces hormones
called Cortisol early in the morning between 8 to 9 am and these are the stress hormones,
which means they promote activity throughout the day. However, if you have a coffee between
8 to 9 am or even before that, you are conditioning your body to not produce these hormones. So
when will your body actually these stress hormones? If it produces later in the day,
you’ll be experiencing what you fear the most and that is stress. So if you want to
avoid stress throughout the day, it’s better that you don’t down a cup of coffee early
in the morning. Let your body produce the required hormones and let your body deal with
the stress that comes in the day in its own natural way. So it’s better to gulp a glass
of water rather than downing a cup of coffee early in the morning. So leave that cup of
coffee and that’s my suggestion to have a more productive day. Do you get ready in the dark? Well that’s
not a good idea. Do you know that your body is sensitive to light? It knows that when
it’s bright and when it’s dark. If you get ready darkness, this means that your body
and your mind might be still believing that it’s night time and you could be feeling
even more groggier, even more sleepier and you’ll feel lazy, slogging around the room
in the dark, still believing that you could sleep a little bit more. But that’s not a
good idea. therefore, especially when you have to go for an early morning duty or an
early morning job, it’s a great idea to switch on bright lights or if you are still very
sleepy for the day and you feel that you don’t have it in you to go through the day, switch
on the lights, may be put on some music. So that you feel more active and your body and
your mind feels that it’s day time and not night time. The best thing which I do is to
remove the shades or remove the curtains and enjoy the bright sunlight but if you don’t
have that, you definitely have got electronic lights in the room which you can use. So don’t
get ready in the dark because that is also going to make your day very unproductive. Why make your bed when you have to mess it
up later while you sleep? True but not a good habit. If you want to start your day right,
then you must settle your bed well. Obviously, because you are the one who is going to reap
the benefits and so is true for all the other good habits. Making your bed, early in the
morning is like a keystone habit. It leads to a chain reaction, so that you can do other
good things and be more organized throughout the rest of the day. If you want your day
to be productive, then I suggest that you make your bed early in the morning. If you
are one of those people who does not, then please start making your bed coz this is going
to make you be organized and be more confident as well, so that no one can tell you, hey
you left your bed messed up, which is not a very good sign for an adult or a sensible
person. So make your bed early in the morning and be prepared for a productive day. Do you have a specific morning routine? That
you wake up and then you have some hot water, then you listen to music, may be then you
go through your text messages and call the required people and after that you start getting
ready for the day. aha so if your pattern is fixed, it’s not a very helpful thing because
your body has limited will power and if you indulge your will power in doing only one
thing at a time in the morning, you don’t have any left for the rest of the day. So
basically in the morning your body should be in the automatic mode, which means the
AM mode. So you can do whatever you think you should be doing early in the morning.
Not just anything but obviously you could sip the water and go through your messages
or maybe you could even call a friend while you are going to work. So you can do more
than one thing at a time and this way save your limited will resources which is your
will power. So have an automatic mode in the morning and do whatever is required combine
it with more than one activity. So in this session with me today, you have
learnt 7 morning habits that can lead to an unenjoyable rest of the day and now you know
exactly the things that can lead you to have an unproductive day and therefore it’s time
that you give those up and pick up better habits like I’ve shared with you. So please
try to follow these habits and can really promise you for a happier and more productive
and a more energetic rest of the day. Obviously there is no fixed morning routine that works
for anyone and I couldn’t be telling you that you should do this first, second or third
but there are certain habits that you can definitely give up and in this lesson, we
have rounded those up for you. So I hope this lesson really turns out to be productive for
you, do let me know in the comments if you’ve been doing any of these habits and come back
for more sessions with me on Skillopedia, the place where we all learn skills for the
real world.

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