05 Surefire tips – How to double-up your confidence? Personality Development tips & Soft skills

September 11, 2019

I just received the most amazing compliment
yesterday. Somebody told me, you’re so confident, in the way you speak, the way you carry yourself.
It’s amazing, your confidence level. you know that’s a really big deal for me coz a
few years back, I was this under confident girl who couldn’t do anything right and I
actually worked really hard to double up my confidence level and bring myself to a place
where people find me confident. So yes people, the good news is, I seem to have the cracked
the confidence code, which is why I’ve made a video for you on this topic. I’m going to
teach you how you can crack the confidence code and how you can double up your confidence
level. Well, hello and welcome to today’s video,
my name is Rima and it’s all about doubling your confidence level and cracking that confidence
code and trust me, it’s not difficult at all. so the first thing I want to tell you is that
if you want to up your confidence level, if you want to double it, if you want to crack
the confidence code, first and foremost, just remember that you are worth it. No-no-no,
I’m not quoting the tagline of a famous commercial, I’m actually telling you that believe in yourself.
We all have that inner critic within us, who keeps telling us that, we’re not good enough
and you know our accomplishments are not good enough and we don’t have any achievements
and were failures and we could do better, all of that is fine but you need to own your
own value. You are worth it; believe in yourself because confidence is like a muscle, the more
you work it, the more you take it to confidence gym, the stronger that muscle’s going to be.
So you have to believe that you are worth it and when you believe that you are worth
something or you’re good enough, it doesn’t mean that you are perfect. It doesn’t mean
that you’ve decided that you’ll never work on yourself. There’s a good part of you,
there’s a bad part of you. There’s an average part of you. There’s an excellent part of
you. Accept yourself entirely and when you accept yourself completely and totally and
own up to your own self-worth, trust me that confidence of yours is going to shoot up.
In fact, it is going to zoom up and become double. So remember, you are worth it. Now another thing that you can do to maintain
your confidence level and double it is to know your breaking point. Now you’re gonna
think that whoa what’s my breaking point? See in life, all of us want to come across
as superheroes and superheroines. I want to be Wonder Woman; maybe you want to be Superman,
whatever it is. So, we sometimes end up taking on more than we can handle in life. be it
a work responsibility or a family responsibility or a health target or any kind of challenge,
we always make sure that we take on more than we can handle because then we can prove to
ourselves, that yes, I’m good enough. I can manage anything. Instead, why don’t you
try boosting your confidence? Focus on two or three core tasks that really excite you
and fall into your area of expertise. This way what’s gonna happen is, that you can
position yourself to achieve the highest level of impact and the highest outcome from those
tasks and if you take on more than you can handle. You are always gonna appear flustered,
stressed, worried and all over the place. So why don’t you just focus on two or three
things and do your best and you’ll carry yourself with so much more confidence and that confidence
will lead to more confidence and in no time your confidence level will be doubled. So
focus on two or three core tasks. Like for example at work organize your priorities focus
on the top three priority tasks. Get them done with confidence, move on to the next
three. Do not try and achieve ten things at the same time. It’s going to lead to a big
mess and your confidence level is going to go down to zero. One more fantastic way to work up the confidence
ladder is to become a risk taker, that’s right. Now that you’ve learned that, by focusing
on a few key tasks, you can actually boost your confidence. As you’re gradually and slowly
boosting your confidence once in a while, rise up to a challenge. Become a risk taker.
Push your limits, get out of your comfort zone and do something that you normally don’t
do. It could be, taking a whacky holiday with a couple of friends or taking on a really
big challenge at work or setting yourself a really tough health goal. Whatever it is,
once in a while, test your limits and leave your comfort zone. You don’t have to be
perfect every time like you don’t have to achieve the perfect results but you have to
be willing to try. Because when you take that leap of faith and rise up to a challenge,
it’s okay if you fail at something but what if it pays off? If it pays off, you would
have achieved another level of finesse and another level of confidence and let’s say,
it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. You have still tried which means you
have increased your self-belief and you boosted your confidence level. If you keep taking
on regular challenges over a period of time, you will slowly see that your confidence code
is just perfect and shiny and your confidence level is boosting up to double. Another thing I really want to tell you, if
you’re serious about doubling your confidence level, make sure you turn up the volume on
your inner voice. Now you’re gonna ask me, which inner voice are you talking about? The
one that criticizes me all the time? Or that odd, rare friendly which says, you know what
you’re good. I’m talking about both those voices. It’s time you listen to your inner
self. We actually go through life carrying a lot of voices in our head. If we’ve had
a childhood friend who told us we’re not good enough, we carry that friend’s comments
with us forever. If our parents scolded us about something and told us that we’re not
responsible, we carry that with us forever. And we carry everybody’s voice with us and
somewhere we lose our inner voice. That inner voice is the key to your confidence. so if
you want to double your confidence level, turn up the volume on your own unique inner
voice and listen to there are gonna be days when you’re gonna encourage
yourself. There are gonna be days when you really put down yourself. The day you are
putting yourself down, speak to that inner voice, have an argument, have a fight if you
have to and tell yourself, no. I’m not going to listen to you anymore, go away. the more
you ignore that weak voice, that weak voice is going to go away and the more you listen
to that positive voice, that positive voice is only going to go stronger. There will be
a day when your inner voice and your outer confidence are actually one with each other
and that’s the day you are gonna feel like a confident wonder woman or a super confident
Superman. that’s gonna happen, wait for it, like I said, it’s like a muscle building
exercise, keep practising over and over and over again and your confident voice is going
to become yours very soon. Once your inner voice is all confident and set, trust me your
external confidence level is just gonna go boost up and become double. Now one last and really useful tip, I wanna
give you in case you want to double up your confidence level and I know you want to double
up your confidence level is that, you need to kind of change your vocabulary a little.
Now words like, but I, get it out of your system. Just, get it out of your system. Maybe,
get it out of your system. I’ll try; get it out of your system. Speak like a confident
person even if you don’t feel like one. How about you say things like, I’ll do it
instead of I’ll just try. How about if you say, Okay, it’s a challenge, I’m willing
to do it rather than but it’s difficult. You know when we change the way we speak to others
and to ourselves, everything changes. Maybe I don’t feel confident that I will ever be
able to climb the Mount Everest but if I say to myself, I’m gonna try and it’s gonna
work out, it’s okay but if I say that, I’m going to do it. It sounds so much better.
It sounds like I am so confident and I really believe in my capability. That’s what you
have to do. If you’re somebody who has you know coworkers and friends and kids or juniors,
you need to teach everyone to speak like this. It’s called the confident talk. This confident
talk is the key to your confidence code. You must speak confidently in a sure shot manner
rather than assuming, you know being unsure, being all over the place. Just say that yes,
I’ll do it. Say, sure I believe it. sure, I am capable, when you speak like that, very
soon you’ll find the courage to execute all those tasks and once the tasks are done to
a T, I promise you, you’ll feel so much more confident and your confidence level will just
double. So confident people don’t grow on trees and
confidence level doesn’t boost up overnight. It’s all a matter of taking effort. It’s
a matter of practising and working that confidence muscle. But you know what as you work gradually,
the results you are gonna see are gonna blow your mind. So I truly wish you all the best
on this journey in which you are going to double up your confidence level. This is me
Rima wishing you all the best. I truly hope you enjoyed my video. If you wanna watch more
such amazing videos, make sure you subscribe to our channel, Skillopedia, the place to
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