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ツ ASMR Event Planning Center RP ツ softly spoken, misc sounds

November 30, 2019

Hello welcome to our event planning production company I’m very happy to see you with us today And this is [a] place where hopeless romantics come together? with impulsive organizers to create beautiful events for our guests such [as] yourself and today [isn’t] I have set up a little sample Corner [I] was going to create a celebratory feeling so our special day feeling for you so Maya created will assemble centerpieces and As well as some candlelight organization and just a basic table [setup], so you can take a look at it, and maybe get that flavor of [what] we are here offering to you and also in the background if it can see you have some fabric sometimes I’ll take a look at a [lull] later and doing [your] visit with us today and For now, why [don’t] we just have a seat at the table so we can go over everything in detail? And I’ll help you and I have a seat at the chair let me turn off the light some extra props Okay, I’m gonna sit right here beside you Okay So we’ll start by giving you this little piece of paper each [lenders] through And what this is is a basic checklist? For you to take home with you so you can take a look at it and remark some of the places in here And this is basically Student you just to give you an understanding of what? [you] can expect [out] to be our responsibility and [just] force for [to] basically everything to make that day Or here is so special and as special as possible So we create the small Organize some lifting entertainment technical support all of them emergency supports clean up Force I’ll work with some getting all departments done possibly advertising depending on the type of party that you’re having in party Info but here is like [a] paint and that is something [for] you to take a look at as well Just to see if there’s going to be admission fees There will be rentals um if they’re like you will spend on food Supplies techniques for the travel and things like that, so just go [over] things just so that you know how to work In here, we will be Working a lot together our team professional works someone [taenia] [sleep] to bring all pieces of puzzle together and create That happy occasion for you, and I know that it can get very Overwhelming although, I’m putting together all the preparations. So we are truly here to help you That peace of mind are you totally dissing joy that day in this relaxed ending? and Classmate is post-event Evaluation we just want to know your opinion better services and Supplies and professional Earth where we can work on if you’re going to compare? and as far as a simple [setup] on a table you’re a sample for you We like to use very high quality materials for Tablecloth and tear Covers, I Like to [some] time even but organza overlay on [top] to the great extra Interest to the Table I Don’t have one right now, but because this is more cleaner look then of course you can expect us to give you best set up for so we’re will serve your guests in you as well with forks and well – nice Forks and spoon and It will of course also be determined by the mainly to bake Then I like to Do these plates in white and do circular? smooth surfaced [white] [plains] [thank] [you] movies, iike you put you [needed] [some] dinner plates on top or [Depa] [typically]? So I like that but of course we can offer you any types of square ones or quality to anything you wish and as far as the atkins We have just unlimited amount of shapes for Napkin this is just one [of] them And I like this one because it’s very Uninteresting, it’s simple yet complicated He creates tight to your seat and drawers your eyes to the napkin and all say sol space we can put [tall] thank you card or name card Into the air, but just thank you christy I can’t place anything But of course looking up to more simple ones when you put flour in it, or just some other piece But that won’t bring all it Okay Also, we always look into leveling the table height By for example [choosing] taller Centerpiece such as this one And even now died between [the] [centerpiece] in the plates Time to use Napkins breathe into glass And you can see just how elegant that looks And I have simple phones off fire. Okay like a fire flame That grades interest in I to the table So if you’re mine, I’ll just um question [s] some of the things wink, and I will take a look at the tables, okay? anyway All right So now for the candles We offer simple candles And everything such as this one and This one. I like because it’s famous so it’s very safe [and] we can create any [colors] their chains degrees interest and adds to the color of you to the regular um Candle Holders, just Glance [Weird] Classic [weird] With taller candles this one has been one for a couple days It’s shorter than its supposed usually smudge dollar But it’s very cute. I think it gives Your table some kind of comfort it. Just brings it all together with Crystal um Elegant looks candles Just this one. I’ll be careful with it And we can place different types of water. Why any kind of? Would you please different Marbles [finn]? of course in Playstyle tiny make Nexian air to Be things like that And this one is one of my favorites. It’s great simply to make and dance marbles on the [flower] that’s one of my favorite looks and [when] we leave I’ll turn off the light so you can um Write this Now for the centerpieces if you don’t mind, I’ll just um step to show you [only] Centerpieces [I] Always get to create a lot of different things Unless we have some water dance together with Daylight And do you have? different tastes It’s almost pink textured don’t grasses and the total [piece] of Orchid give it that tight look in these wonderful just free this piece and then last but not least if this rose fear looks like Italian [L] didn’t I love them Yeah, and comes in this glass cylinder clogged told me That also actually can be filled out with [a] feeler And then we have these beautiful glass beads And you know from the side? And the grass tells me [play] [and] light Shine the amount of crystals today definitely determined by you we [feel] with things like sands Or pebbles if it’s a word Themed Party We can put pine cones You know so my [hair] don’t sleep four seasons I love to include [factories] as well into the centerpieces when they were just Sticking out like this up into the side of course not So that’s also an option that you can think about and light Elegant Why don’t [we] look at some of the fabrics on the back you can just follow me? Okay, and now into the fabrics and of course This is not a close to our soul like three of different fabrics that we offer to our klein Just some of the most pull this one’s the most opposed favorite ones Let me just go through the very first one misstep, or you don’t start And this one as you [can] see the rich red color [the] black x [flow] Here you agree It’s feminine yet masculine. So these are mostly Buffalo doing and cracking the song so very heavy fabric and to most of these fabrics are songs [that] I [can’t] Hear you can see bright very the next one my And this one is mostly perfect ball to know so like my purple white or deep purple small Sparkle Then the next one is one It’s very tropical I think you reminds me [about] colors as well, no, I did it reflects my creating an additional interest too I Really like the [comedy], so you’re like. Oh very well with the bG things This next on this the heaviest mom also reflects doing I think If you please the light underneath amidst great holes in it, you will look incredible It’s very smooth cream champagne type of color And it’s supposedly popular independent weddings as well as more green Pt In the last one this beautiful blue material [so] reflective also a stickiness very gentle here pretty can see These are the fabrics that I want to desert [I]? hope you haven’t earn it and Let’s go ahead, and I will show you some of the um lights without The lights around it on the table So you’re welcome to take ogre – Mikey relax a little bit make a decision whether or not to work with it Okay, all right you must let her work And this is what our table is gonna. Look like without any lighting. I hope you like you

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  • Reply Chloe Does Stuff March 16, 2016 at 1:22 am

    Maria: Where hopeless romantics come to plan events for others.

    Me: WHAT!?!?! I'm nor a hop less romantic. Oh wait, I sort of am. Why must you be the ever seeing fortune teller? But we love ya anyway!

  • Reply Jennifer Wilkewitz March 21, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Beautiful, all of it. I especially love the rose center piece. The crystals make it very elegant. 🙂 Love this Maria

  • Reply Darlene Lesmana April 8, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    am i the only one busting out be our guest in the start of the vid?

  • Reply L Beatle April 10, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Just started planning my wedding and I'm secretly hoping that I'll come across an event planner that also provides live tingles. Fingers crossed!! Haha! If not, I'll just watch this video again. 😉

  • Reply redheadgirlygirl7 April 13, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    I like the video, however that napkin looks a little erotic to me 😬😂 lol

  • Reply dragonflyfragment May 5, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I'm going to use this as inspiration for my wedding centerpieces!! Watched this years ago & always remembered what a beautiful job you did! xo

  • Reply Leigh Sasaki June 2, 2016 at 7:19 am

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  • Reply Cathie Morgan June 19, 2016 at 2:17 am

    I love this video. So relaxing.

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  • Reply Srta.TacoMal June 21, 2016 at 3:05 am

    "This is a place where hopeless romantics come together with impulsive organizers to create beautiful events for our guests."

    Keep talking and take my money.

  • Reply Xerikan July 15, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    I have the biggest crush on Maria 🙂 xx

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    Really great editing in this video. Especially the beginning when she's seating the person.

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    Your videos are so engaging and relaxing!! I enjoy listening to them on my commute in to work to help me set a soft, receptive mood for the day. Thank you for making them. Do you have any videos about kindness or professionalism?

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    I'd love if you could make a video making the floating candles! With the marbles, flowers, and the candle. SO MUCH ASMR 💕

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