September 28, 2019

My stomach…! it hurts…! Hello! I’m Mirai Akari! Oh yeah, The truth is, Akari has amnesia. So I have no memory of myself, but… I just found a revolutionary way to strip Akari down and find out who Akari really is! and that is… A Personality Test!! For today’s test, just by a drawing, it can reveal your true self! That’s pretty amazing! So, let’s get started! So, what do we have here… “Personality Drawing Test (Full)” “It’s fun! It’s embarrassing!
Reveal what’s in your heart!” Woah! Okay, let’s begin! Click! “You bought some food at a festival! What would be at the end of this stick?” Eh… Okay! I got it! For Akari… It’s probably this… Something like this? Ayu (Sweetfish) “This is what you want
when it comes to sex” Wha…! What kind of test is this!? What? “Check results”! “If you drew something thin and long,
it means you want tecnique!” “If you drew something big,
it means you want security!” “If you drew something thick,
it means you want stimulation!” “If you drew something else,
it means embarrassment!” Which one is Ayu(sweetfish)?? Thin and long, maybe? Then that means, TECHNIQUE! “You spilled some red wine,
how much was spilled?” Eh? Ehh~ Splaaat! Or something like that? Blub, blub, blub, blub! It spilled all the way down All the way down Submit! “Reveal what’s in your heart!” What could it be? “Check Results”! “The size of the spill reflects the size of your regrets!” That’s crazy! Akari…
has a lot of regrets in life…! “Your friend gave you a peach.” Oh, how nice! Akari loves peaches the most! “Draw the size of the peach!” Okay! This is gonna be awesome. This is gonna be awesome.
(it was so important she said it twice) It’s already sticking out Submit! “You’re favorite 〇〇〇 will be revealed! “Check Results”! “The peach represents your ideal breast size!” No way~// Whaaat? That’s about right! Next up! “You are a hero! Draw the sword you have equipped.” Oh, leave it to me! This is gonna be amazing. Totally. Totally…
(mild) The type where one swing takes up a bit of time… gonna draw that… like this, I’ll go with this Alright! Also, some of that… Aura…Aura… Fwaa~ Roaaar Okay! “The gap between
〇〇 will be revealed!” “The flashier the sword, the bigger “…the gap between you
in social media and real life…” That’s rough…! “What is your favorite letter in
the alphabet and why?” Got it! “M”! and the reason is… because I like Mcdonald’s. I really love their fries, you know? Submit! “This is what you think of 〇〇!” “It’s embarrassing and I can’t tell anybody but this is what I think of myself!” What, what’s that supposed to mean? M(masochist)!? I’m not a masochist… Whaa! Everybody’s gonna tell me again… People are gonna comment again… Stuff like “I like being tied up”
or something… “In a game of tug-of-war at a sports event, what kind of face will you be making?” Aaaaah…. This kind of face! “This is the kind of face
you make during 〇〇!” I’m sure this is about
that kind of thing again! I’m so sure they’re gonna say
something about that kind of thing! Come on! “This is the face you make during tough times in the toilet!” Anyway… In a way, I’m kinda glad it… wasn’t a smiling face…! I guess…! but still…! This is too much for Akari…! Akari has had enough…!
enough…! Chimpanzee (?) My stomach…! it hurts…! Ah, tears are coming out…! That’s finished!! Stop, stop, stop!
No more, no more! There won’t be any more of this! This is the RAW Akari!

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