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❄️⚜THE BOOKIE TRIALS: WINTER QUEST Readathon Announcement!!!⚜❄️

November 10, 2019

oh well that was a long sleep hello
beautiful people the queen is back and this is the announcement for the bookie
trials winter quest the winter quest will run from December 2nd to the end of
Sunday December 8th and it will start at midnight
whatever your time zone is in summer 2019 we went on a quest. the Magi the scribes the bards and the outlaws to find the Bookie Grail. This consisted of
reading as many books as possible along a journey to find this elusive
Bookie Grail. You guys all followed a map of the high queendom and we had such a
fantastic time it was a month long and it was the greatest month of the year it
was incredible and I loved every minute of it. and so I’ve decided that we’re
going to bring this back for a one week Winter Quest. After venturing the high
queendom with your daemonic animal companions and the bards won the quest
for the bookie Grail you partied hard the bards danced and they frolicked and
amidst all the revelry a noxious gas was released across the high queendom. in one
evening a shroud of sleep entranced as all and while we were asleep our daemons
were stolen. We must save our demons but first of all we have to figure out who
has taken them…. excuse me
people of the queendom it is I the evil enchanter of the east. I see you have
awoken from your summer slumber and Oh what was that?
your demons are nowhere to be found? I thought why not add some entertainment
to my dinner plans it’s no fun consuming the magic from
your animal companions without a little sport and a passionate audience. But I
am so terribly hungry I drain the east of the last magical morsel and the more
I consume the more ravenous I become. So, if you want to make it on time for your
entrees better hurry. Our task is to save these daemons. we have to travel to the
eastern rocks of E’ir as fast as possible which means reading as little
books as possible to get there the fastest There are 11 prompts and I need
you to find 1, 2 maximum 3 books to cover as many of the prompts as
possible. We have to get to the evil enchanter and save our demons one thing to note is any magical
abilities that you had in summer they’ve all been drained by the
sleep-gas. You will also this time be working with your fellow brethren across
teams the bards the Magi the scribes and the outlaws you will all work together
to reach the enchanter as soon as possible There is a progress tracker in
the link of this video you’ll be updating this once at the end of your
quest when you’ve reached the enchanter I have also created some beautiful
Scrolls for you in it contain all the prompts the rules the FAQ’s, credits to
the artists that I’ve used in the scrolls as well and also some extra
information. so this time I’ve actually enlisted the help of 15 winter knights
these are people over on discord on Twitter on Instagram who’ll be able to
answer all of your questions. They’ll also have access to the bookie trials
Twitter they’ll be on the bookie trials discord and they’ll be on the bookie
trials Instagram as well so whenever you ask a question to the high queendom you
may be getting answers from the knight of Meadows the Knights of burrows the
knight of fog. I’m really excited for you to connect with each of these experts
I’ve chosen personally because of their loyalty to the queendom people who’ve
kept the discord running this entire time people who were always there for me
during July there for answering questions they’re just really solid hard
workers and people that I really trust so you can trust them when you ask them
a question they’ll be giving you the Queen’s answer. so do we want to get to
some prompts traveling the map from left to right we
start with the Queen’s Armada the journey is dark and full of terrors team
up and buddy read a book. you will get double points for this prompts if you
have a fully mixed team which means at least one mage one bard one outlaw and
one scribe this is to promote a community feeling you know that this is
very important to me you can make some new friends
you’ll also be able to find these teams by going to the Twitter and asking
where art my fellow bards? or you can go over to the discord they’ll be a
separate chat there for people trying to find buddies. next up we have orc eaves
this is the other side of orc Grove where progressive orcs live freely. read
a book with an LGBTQIAP+ character The beacon of hope. light the way for your
fellow Questers and cozy up by the beacon for a rest stop light a candle or
make yourself a warm drink serpentine allegiance the serpents of
the east may be able to assist read a book recommended by a booktuber or
blogger and make sure to shout them out Rural Haven you find an untouched rural
village. in the hardest of times there is comfort in the known read a book from
your favorite genre or from an author you’ve previously given 5 stars to Eastern escape Protected and enchanted A whole civilization in hiding grant you
access to their mystical land read a book by a marginalized author Graves end not all our army will make it. read a book that contains death or themes of The Glacial Pass the frost giants are fierce and terrorism. Camouflage
yourselves with a white book or a book that contains snow or winter themes Desolate Ruins forgotten and forsaken awaken the magic of these crumbling
rocks by reading a book that you already own or a book that you can access freely
via audible via Scribd via Libby your library as long as you’re not putting
money up front straight away at this moment I’m allowing it. Demonic residue it appears we were not in time to save them all this is why we
are here we must save our demons read a book containing one or more animals or
magical beasts our final stop the dark shard take down the evil enchanter read
a book containing a morally grey character or a villainous main character so guys can you think of one book to cover all prompts because that would be
epic the evil enchanter has a six-point
advantage this means for every prompt you achieve you will be breaking down
those points but for every book that you read points will be added. there’s no
need for you to track any of these points yourself if you complete the
progress tracker I will be able to declare the outcome if we don’t defeat
the evil enchanter July 2020 Bookie trials are looking grim. I’m sure there’s
some of you have some questions and I won’t be able to answer all of them in
this video but a few of them might crop up: Hey this is my first bookie
trials and I don’t have a team or demon can i still take part? and yes of course
you can take part I have a personality test in this video you can go and find
out your quest team there are completely different questions this time so if you
would like to test out your team try a different one then you’re also welcome
to do that after you found out your question you must declare it on Twitter
Instagram or discord to let everybody know that you’re taking part and for
choosing an animal companion there was a daemony Micro-challenge last summer the details of this you will find in the scrolls but ultimately it’s about
letting the whole queendom know who your animal companion is who is your demon so let us know what animal it is or what magical beast is what’s their name and
what is one thing that they can’t live without and make sure to use the hashtag
#Daemony you won’t get any points for completing this micro challenge this
round because micro-challenge were a part of of summer 2019 but it is very helpful
for me to know and you to know which daemon you’re saving in this round. If you
are totally new to this there are many differences with
this round than the previous some around this is a short round
it’s only a week long and it will start at midnight whatever your time zone is in terms of what you’re allowed to read for this you are allowed to read
anything anything that’s on Goodreads and exists as a book you can read it is it an audio book? is it’s a manga? is it a graphic novel? I don’t care does it fit the prompts? can you get to the evil enchanter? Read it. This time we’re not
going to be tracking pages either so I don’t care if it’s got 5 pages I just
care about you saving your demons. I’m sure that you will have even more
questions than this but please go check out the scrolls first also go over to
the twitter because they’ll be a very long thread of all the information there
and if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to
me via discord, Twitter or Instagram and either I will contact you back or one of
my winter Knights will. I am so excited to see your videos your bujo spreads,
what books you decide to read for each of these and if anybody actually finds
one books if it’s all prompts like you are magicians. okie dokie guys I’m really
really really excited about this and I’m ready to take it down the evil enchanter. please don’t forget to Like, subscribe and comment. all that jazz you can find
me on Twitter, on Instagram and on Goodreads My patreon link is also down
there in the description if you would like to support this auspicious event. I love you & happy questing

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    Damn the book I'm reading right now works for a bunch of these (The Golden Compass by Philip Pulman)

  • Reply Lilme_78 November 9, 2019 at 11:20 pm

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    maybe ill actually participate this round!

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    Ahhh I can't wait for this! Hopefully work isn't too busy then so I can actually participate this time (last time it was exam prep…)
    Also let me just say your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!
    I love this so much Rachael, it's brilliant.
    Those scrolls are absolutely stunning! I'm in love with that artwork.
    I'm so glad you have some fellow knights to help out this round! I know it was a lot last time…
    I don't have one book for all of them, but I think I'll be able to use two. I'm super excited for this!
    Oh wow! You have different questions for the teams! Rachael! The work that went into this is incredible!
    I'm assuming that you can participate even if you didn't participate in July, so I'm hopefully going to start planning and choosing my Daemon soon!

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    Rachael, you are not only the Queen of this Realm, but the Queen of Read-a-thons! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and incredible creativity. You make reading so much fun, and I am thrilled to join the Winter Quest!! I did want to ask if you design the maps yourself? If so, would you ever do a video showing how you make them? If someone else makes the maps, who is your brilliant mapmaker? Thank you again!

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