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Интервью с DK – 2 часть – Balkhorn’s Bad Time

November 30, 2019

Warning! If you avoid spoilers, don’t watch this video. If you do not care for spoilers or you want to reflesh the memory of the BBT campaign, then enjoy watching! (А): How did you get the idea to create a movie-campaign? (DK): Balkhorn’s Bad Times or BBT was something I always wanted to do because you’d occasionally see cinematic maps in a custom campaign. However, I wanted to dedicate my trigger capabilities to see if the whole campaign could turn into a long movie, which it worked after intense trigger testing. (A): Why you did call hero a Duncan Balkhorn? (DK): Duncan derived from Dunkin Donuts. Balkhorn – I don’t really remember. I guess I wanted his last name to be somewhat unique. (А): Balkhorn was leads independent militia – why he and his army are independent? (DK): Balkhorn is like a Jim Raynor. He maybe didn’t want to take any orders from someone he initially trusted. So Balkhorn is a mini-replica of Raynor and his raiders. (А): What organization was he in before he left? (DK): I never really thought about it. I made his force entirely from scratch. Balkhorn’s force was initially based off of my very old custom campaign that was abandoned. It is up to the player to decide. (А): And indeed… how zerg are find them? (DK): Just like how any antagonist finds the good guy – by forced plot. Or maybe Vlad thought Balkhorn could’ve been a threat and he called the blue Zerg to get rid of him – we may never know. (А): Why recruits here, in front? Why they are not at training-base, for example? (DK): The recruits here are being briefed. (А): And why they are not have guns? (DK): They do not have guns because they are still untrained to access guns. They are what they are – recruits (they will eventually be able to utilize weapons if they survive of course). (А): Why Balkhorn immediately not send more marines and firebats at zerg? (DK): Balkhorn thought the first attack wave would be sufficient but he was dead wrong. That is why this cinematic is called Bad Times. (A): Why Walker is dead so? Where are queen, for example?
ps. sending to film Alien? (DK): That poor fella was already injected by a queen offscreen and then the broodlings make a timely surprise introduction. It is a homage to Alien like you said. (А): First attack is small – 8 marines. I think Balkhorn was careful, but why here he is send all his boys at zerg camp? (DK): From caution to recklessness in a few minutes, strange. Balkhorn must’ve believed if he sent small groups one at a time – it would be futile. So he opts to send his entire battalion to combat the Zerg. Bigger the number, the greater the chance. (A): Why all civilians are going to main base? There is not defense: all boys send to zerg. It’s not safe. (DK): They believed it’ll be a lot safer inside the main base than being with the marines because they’re in the middle of combat. The civilians also don’t want to stay in the outpost since they’re closer to the Zerg. (А): Why did Strygwyr speak to the Balkhorn? (DK): It was a way of introducing himself to Balkhorn. Like an enemy who suddenly shows himself to the main protagonist. (А): Why you did call hero a Strygwyr? (DK): This name was based on the game called DotA. His name goes with this and his title as Bloodseeker. Makes more appearances in KCS. (A): If Belkhorn is a threat, why Strigvir left him for “dessert” and not kill here and now? (DK): So that we can see more of Bad Times. Jokes aside, the Cerebrate probably didn’t think too much of Balkhorn. (A): Why Strygwyr is gone? (DK): He must’ve gone to somewhere else for his next objective – probably Vlad told him to do so. (A): In previously mission survived approximately 10-15 warrior (maybe more). Here drop only 3 SCV and Balkhorn. Only they are survived? (DK): It is implied those units are the ones that get to the next area. The remaining units are left destined in your thoughts. They could’ve stayed behind or went to a different area or came earlier – it’s up to you to imagine. (А): Why Balkhorn asked about clothes’s color? It’s doesn’t absolutely determinant for identify group. (DK): Balkhorn knows his own men wouldn’t think about betraying him so he asked for other potential unidentified people wearing different colored suits/armor. (А): If he don’t think that his boys aren’t betrayd his, then why he said “rebels”? I.e. he thought that in this area are traitors? Maybe he is fear? (DK): He was certainly sure his own followers won’t betray him and his men, but after hearing about the gunfight earlier he was afraid there might’ve been rebels within his vicinity. (He doesn’t know if the orange troops were rebels or not) (A): Why Balkhorn not send his boys in this cave? Maybe It’s way in rear enemy’s base. (DK): Balkhorn wanted to see who the heck they (orange guys) were directly – he is reckless as it’s seen time to time throughout this campaign. (А): He is so bored… Why he is alone? (DK): Must’ve been a calling when I made this campaign. Back in the day, I guess I had a lot of time and was bored. Or maybe that marine was assigned to guard that specific area by himself. We will never know what went on in my head when I created that scene. (А): Why did Balkhorn call a group of ghosts? Why they are need? I thought they’ll use nuke. (DK): I guess Balkhorn wanted his group of specialists to destroy the enemy base with the least amount of casualties (doesn’t work in the end). He didn’t want them using nukes since he didn’t want to harm the planet and have radioactive waste near his city. (A): Where are mechanical boys (tanks, goliaphs, vulture)? Why only barrack’s boys send to enemy base in 2 waves? (DK): It seems Balkhorn’s men did not want to waste the mechanical units since they probably knew it’ll be destroyed. They were more concerned about tanks, goliaths, and vultures than their own fellow men. The two waves was to see how strong the enemy was fortified. (А): This enemy goliath heard Core-002 or intercept it’s transmission? (DK): No, the goliath received an order (which was not shown) from Hellzer. This scene shows an in-between dialogue. (A): Why Balkhorm not send Wraith immediately? Maybe he losted less boys. (DK): Maybe Balkhorn didn’t want to reveal his trump card so early to his archenemy Hellzer. It is true if Balkhorn sent the Wraiths out earlier, he would’ve saved many of his boys. However, that would make the cinematic boring wouldn’t you agree? (А): Balkhorn recognized him, i.e. they did met before campaign? (DK): It is implied they met before in their own life. So yes, they did meet before before the campaign. (А): Why you did call hero a Ed Hellzer? (DK): Ed was most likely from a cartoon called Ed, Edd, n Eddy – one of my favorite cartoons back when I was a kid. Last name Hellzer was most likely used to incorporate the word “hell” since this character gives Balkhorn one hell of a time repeatedly. (А): Why Hellzer don’t like Balkhorn? (DK): It doesn’t tell us why Hellzer doesn’t like Balkhorn but it is up to the imagination of the viewer Maybe they had some unpleasant memories with each other in the past. (А): Why Hellzer immediately did not use massive bombardment? (DK): Hellzer wanted to torment Balkhorn. Balkhorn believed he won, but Hellzer already had the upper hand all this time. Hellzer could’ve killed Balkhorn at anytime when he was in the city, but he gave Balkhorn the illusion of victory. (А): Why Balkhorn didn’t use this bomb before and after this situation? (DK): Maybe Balkhorn didnt have the bomb before or he didnt want to waste using it too much. Balkhorn is shown using that bomb in the 2nd and 3rd map only when he is in his marine suit (in his most vulnerable state). (A): How Balkhorn fixed his armor? Technical instruments or “invisible” medics? (DK): It is a simple technical instrument, as you call it, inside the barracks. (А): Why Hellzer’s forces did not surrounded Balkhorn? (DK): Hellzer’s forces could not surround Balkhorn since he managed to get to the dropship and get away. (А): Why Hellzer did not killed dropship with Balkhorn? (DK): Hellzer didn’t need to kill the dropship because he knew that dropship will lead Balkhorn to his new home. (A): Why SCV don’t have any means of communication? Because of this one SCV is dead. (DK): Well, think of it as they didn’t have the communication system in the first place. Or they lose communication the farther they are away from one another. (А): Balkhorn’s boys made this so little base in 2 days? They could die. (DK): They didn’t have enough work power I suppose. I thought about it more realistically how a moderately sized base shouldn’t be setup in a grand design in a short period of time. (А): I have already noticed that Balkhorn sent small groups and lost its people. This moment did not teach him that it is not necessary to do so? (DK): Balkhorn wants to know exactly what they might have to deal with. It’s better to go into action than sit around and do nothing (and eventually get ambushed). If they find out what they’re dealing with, they at least know how to be better prepared. (А): Balkhorn decided go to pylon alone. What is this recklessness? He could die there (ambush, for example). (DK): Well, what can you say about male protagonist in general? They are a man of action. He probably felt safe with his Eagle bike anyway. (А): Protoss are not worry that their outpost is no more? I don’t remember them sending guys there after all. (DK): The Protoss did not mind losing the outpost (since it was just one building) but they do attack Balkhorn’s main base while this is happening. (А): Why this Balkhorn’s group desided kill orange outpost without Balkhorn’s order? This is tribunal, isn’t it? (DK): They believed it was in their best interest to hunt them (orange outpost) down before something bad happens like what happened with Justin City in the 2nd map. (А): Why Balkhorn’s boys killed unarmed scientist? This is barbarian decision. Or they were blinded by revenge? (DK): Think about what they’ve (orange) done to Balkhorn’s men (red) throughout the campaign. They were too blinded by revenge and vengeance. (А): First, protoss are try killed Balkhorn’s boys. Now they decided sent them at itself camp. Why protoss are changed their decision? (DK): They do this to lure the man in charge, Duncan Balhkorn, to the Protoss’ base. (A): In this moment they already was Vlad’s henchman? And why they decided a leave? (DK): Yes, all four of them were already serving Nikolaevich. They left because of new orders by either Jay Larris or Vlad himself. (A): What they are must’ve prepare before they’ll leave? (DK): I didn’t really think about that – I just wanted to the viewer – he or she know that these 4 people were plotting something mysterious. (А): If Balkhorn feeling himself in save when he in Eagle, then why he go on foot to protoss? (DK): From a technical point, I wanted to use more of Balkhorn in Marine form rather than in his Vulture (Eagle) form. Story-wise, maybe Balkhorn didn’t want his precious Eagle getting damaged or he felt unnecessary to provoke the Protoss anymore with his Eagle (showing himself in a Marine suit shows the Protoss that there could be a mutual understanding since Balkhorn is exposing himself to more danger in front of those Protoss). (А): Why Elzar now seeking The Righteous? (DK): It’s like a foreshadow for KCS campaign. I mentioned this because at that time no one knows what the heck Elzar is talking about and it makes the viewer seem more interested with the subtle mentioning of the mysterious Terran group. As for why Elzar would saw that up, he might wanted to get valuable information from Balkhorn with anything related to The Righteous. (А): Where Elzar know Hellzer? (DK): He has his Shadows pinpointing everyone in the Forgotten’s vicinity. It is no surprise Elzar would know about Hellzer since Elzar suspected Hellzer as dangerous or whatnot. (А): Why you did call hero a Kelly Harris? (DK): Kelly from Kelly Clarkson (I think). Harris from Harrison Ford. (А): Where is she? I did not saw her in KCS and ID. (DK): She appears in KCS Interlude 3 and Postlude as well as brief mentioning throughout the campaign. (A): Why Sharos and Elzar did not kill Hellzer? (DK): They probably couldn’t have done so without some sort of help (because they are not big in number). They try to minimize the least amount of deaths as possible. (А): Why protoss want kill Hellzer? (DK): They believed Hellzer posed a threat to the Forgotten. (А): Why protoss want Balkhorn’s help in this? (DK): Seeing as how both the Protoss and Balkhorn want Hellzer’s goons dead, the Protoss thought an alliance could be achieved – and it did. (А): Why does Elzar threaten Balkhorn if Balkhorn will not accept Elzar’s help? For example, Balkhorn could kill Hellzer in alone, isn’t it? (DK): Elzar implies Balkhorn might face more problems in the future if he does not accept the Protoss’ immediate help. It is true Balkhorn can try to kill Hellzer by himself, but at the time he was not 100% sure of doing so (seeing as how he just started settling down and created a town). Elzar simply forces Balkhorn to mobilize his troops as soon as possible to assault Hellzer. (А): Why you did called hero Sharos? (DK): Completely created fresh after trying some several Protoss names. This name stood out so I chose it. (A): Where Elzar transported this nexus? (DK): That is not explained but it is assumed the Forgotten transported that Nexus to their other inhabited base or ship. (А): Balkhorn said that Kelly was register, but Core-002 said that she is not registered. Why so? (DK): Initially, Kelly was registered with Balkhorn’s group but then she mysteriously disappears (it’s a callback to Mission 7 of Episode V from the Blizzard campaign when Duran disappears from the adjutant’s sensor after killing Stukov). (А): How this guys could unregister on Core-002’s archives? (DK): As the plot dictates. In other words, no clue. It is up to your imagination. (A): Why Balkhorn has only personal rejuvenator? I think he lost less warriors if his army has more rejuvenators. (DK): He is the main character so he needs his own method to stay alive in the battlefield. He would lose a lot less troops if he had more rejuvenators but those things must cost A LOT. Even deploying the rejuvenator must cost Balkhorn some money so he doesn’t use it as much. (A): Why this dragoons have endless shields? (DK): I got lazy with the triggers and I wanted the Dragoons to battle the Terrans inside. I could’ve used some kind of recall system but didn’t bother since purple was already staging a frontal assault. If I didn’t make them have endless shields, the dragoons wouldn’t had a chance. (А): Hellzer said “This wasn’t part of the deal”. I thought that Hellzer work on Vlad Nikolaevich. This is true? (DK): Or so he thought until he was no longer useful for Vlad. (А): What the group Hellzer led? (DK): His group was made up of loyal followers (kinda like Balkhorn) and mercenaries. (А): Strange decide. Why Balkhorn proposed union after all conflicts and deaths? (DK): I suppose Balkhorn was just tired of everything after seeing his men being killed again instantaneously. He figured hellzer wouldn’t be a threat anymore after him getting the same treatment as Balkhorn. Theres also the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. (А): How Lorenzo could find them? (DK): He found them because he’s “unlucky” if you will. Or rather simply, to advance the story and to incorporate my past characters with the new ones. (А): What Lorenzo try find in this sector? (DK): Just exploring his surroundings probably due to his mission from higher-ups. No real meaning behind. It’s more like scouting the area. (А): Why you made short description in the end? (DK): I made that short description because Balkhorn IV was a long cinematic so I put that as a recap for the viewers in case they didn’t remember what they’ve been watching up to that point. (А): Why Lorenzo and his forces haven’t some cars when they walked on foot? (DK): They are not ranked high so they have to travel/explore on foot. Unlucky of them. (A): Why Lorenzo and Roger so hate The Righteous? (DK): It’s kinda hinted in one of the Random Mission Project’s briefings that they don’t like The Righteous because of how long they’ve been the same rank (First Sergeant) for a long time. Lorenzo is more vocal about his opinion on the organization while Roger mostly keeps it to himself. (А): Why Lorenzo’s and Yaro’s ways are parted after them meeting? (DK): First of all I wanted to dispose of Lorenzo and Roger but use Yaro in a future campaign. So they had to be separated in this case. Secondly, the Covenant no longer had any purpose being with the Terrans after eradicating the Zerg. This dialogue is also a small nudge towards Yaro’s character being briefly mentioned if you already played in RMP. (А): The Righteous did know that zerg are here? (DK): Lorenzo is assuming the organization/higher-up commands (The Righteous) sent them on a suicide mission, but this is only his pessimistic speculation. (A): Where’re their medics? (DK): They mysteriously all disappeared due to triggers!!! On a serious note, I did that to prevent weird movements of the medic once units became damaged. I could’ve removed the healing ability altogether but I guess I didnt think about that at the time. (A): Why you decide killed all heroes? (DK): I felt the need to get rid of them because they weren’t as important as other characters (like Yaro, Elzar, and Vlad). I also wanted to make new characters so that is another reason for me cruelly killing them off. (А): Why you did call hero a Annihilator? (DK): Probably a similar naming from an anime series that has a character called Accelerator. I originally named him this because I planned on having his Dark Swarm ability to “annihilate” everything around using triggers. I have never gotten to that yet. He also has an actual name but that is for later. Originally, he did not appear in Balkhorn’s Bad Times but I put him in the final map in an update to show he is working with Vlad. (A): How Vlad could take control Strygwyr from Queen of Blades? (DK): There was no implication Vlad took control over Strygwyr. It is more implied that Strygwyr and Vlad agreed to work together. Vlad simply wants Strygwyr to be careful about them working together and not get exposed to the Queen of Blades. (А): Balkhorn did know about Xenox? (DK): Balkhorn had no clue about the Xenox. He was just finished with his “Bad Times” and eventually gets killed with unfortunate circumstance.

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    Btw, I do not descripted Eagle, because I could not speak loudly "USA, USA, USA!" and could not presente this question so beautiful.
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    Демонстрация кампании –
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